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The Joys of NFS and OpenVMSLately I have been making extensive use of NFS on OpenVMS VAX coupled with Ubuntu Linux. Unfortunately, being on VAX means that there are no new versions of HP TCP/IP Service past V5.3 ECO4 and OpenVMS[read]
asprintf for OpenVMSFor a long time the C Run-Time Library that ships with OpenVMS and the HP C compiler has been behind the curve. It usually takes a number of years to catch up with POSIX functionality, and in many[read]
The VMS/L&T SIG Collection needs YOU!I have announced (even tweeted) a call for submissions for the next VMS/L&T SIG Collection. That's right. It's a collection now, not a tape. The last release was all the way back in Spring (for those[read]
Jabbing the JIB...Recently there was a post to comp.os.vms, JIB Jab. It asked of a way, from DCL, to determine the name of a process' job logical name table. I posted (and submitted to dcl.openvms.org) the following[read]
DOS file attributes on OpenVMSA few years ago, four according to the source, I was asked if it was possible to set the DOS file attributes on an OpenVMS file that existed on an Advanced Server (aka Pathworks) share. I wasn't sure[read]
Improvements in VWcmsThis blog, and in fact the entire Endless Software Solutions website, is maintained using the web content management system, VWcms (pronounced vee-dub). VWcms is a software packaged developed and maintained[read]
Running Java Software on OpenVMSThings have been pretty quiet on my blog for the last few months. Of course, this doesn't mean things have been quiet with me. On the contrary, the blog has been neglected because I have been quite[read]