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About Me


I'm Tim Sneddon and this is my blog.  I am the proprietor of Endless Software Solutions, an Australian-based international business offering software consulting, development and support services.  Once upon a time I worked for Reynolds & Reynolds (now Pentana Solutions) in Australia and the various incarnations of Infomedia's Business Systems Division.

You may have also noticed from the heading of this page that I am an associate member of the Free Software Foundation.  I am also an associate member of the Trisquel GNU/Linux distribution, ACM SIGPLAN, Connect Worldwide and the Australian Skeptics.

On this web log you can expect to see a number of different topics covered.  There will be plenty of OpenVMS, PL/I, BLISS, Linux, LLVM, C and many others (maybe even some Itanium assembly and TECO too).  I'll try and keep up a level of "human" posts too.

This blog isn't my only literary outlet.  I have also contributed articles (and continue to do so) to the OpenVMS Technical Journal.  If you're just interested in my articles, you can read them here.

I also own some frames from the Australian horror/thriller film, The Tunnel.

When I'm not messing with computers or spending time with my family I like to mess around with my cameras.  You can see some of my work at My Photos (built from a feed from my Flickr account).

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